i am not sure
will be the year i look back on
and say
               “that was the year everything
but it feels like it is
i can almost hear the narrator
the         shift
great plates
               against each other
grinding out a world
beneath the surface
their movement so potent
i can already see evidence
in the set of my shoulders
and the planes of my face

7 thoughts on “1.1

  1. Interesting use of earthquake likened to the changes in life. Shake ups and obstacles. I think the spacing after narrator seemed to recall plate shifts and it worked there. It worked for me less so at the beginning. I wonder if you were going for tremors? But for me I got tripped up in the reading at the beginning. Its hard to get the right spacing in WordPresslol


  2. My favorite lines:
    great plates
    against each other
    grinding out a world
    beneath the surface

    I like the combination of two threads–the seismic change metaphor and the stepping back/perspective. The first line break sets the mood so well.


  3. I hear that narrator, too, haha. I read the metaphor as a volcano building up, like St Helens before it exploded. The formatting works well – the scattered spacing and uneven lines adds to the buildup before the defiant final four lines.


  4. I really like the break at “feel”. It really called attention to the fact that “almost hearing the narrator/feel” the underlying changes happening. I also liked how you framed what was happening underneath to changes the narrator sees in the mirror. Very relatable. I hope things are getting better after a tumultuous year.


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