The Descent

Friends, with the election coming up, I have a few things to say.

First of all, a bunch of you are likely getting unfollowed on various social media outlets. This is not because I don’t like you. Far from it. It is because I like you too much to want to start not liking you based on the millionandone memes you post about this candidate or that candidate.

I am way willing to have conversations with my friends about this stuff, but engaging with it on social media is a recipe for disaster that I have zero interest in sampling. The internet, as no doubt many of you know, is simply not a place for any kind of measured discussion.

It should be noted as well that my lack of engagement online is not a result of my lack of caring about the outcome of our election. Far from it. I care so much. I care enough that I was one of the few who showed up during the mid-terms to cast my vote and try to avoid the immense cluster of rampant fucks that this entire election cycle has become.

Let me put it this way, I am going to vote the way that I am going to vote. And virtually no argument that anyone on the internet tries to makeis going to change my mind. [And no, I’m not telling you the names currently attached to my vote. Nice try. Not interested in talking about it.]

With that said, as much as I’m sure that you sincerely believe every single meme and article that you post in support of whichever human you have decided to vote for, I am already, 8 months ahead of election day, out of fucks to give about anything you have to say about your particular human.

To put it simply, I feel about the election the same way I used to feel about America’s Next Top Model. I do not want to watch every week and see the drama unfold. I do not like cliffhangers. I do not like feeling my blood pressure rise with each unfair statement and bad judgment being made.

More than anything in the world, I want to wait until the season is over, read the wiki, see who Tyra crowns, then watch the highlights while I do the dishes.

I have always hated election seasons, but this one is by far the worst that I have witnessed. And I simply cannot engage in conversations wherein people treat this entire situation like it’s a chance to make the most pointed observation about whichever candidate they have decided is the greater of two evils.

I can’t take it. My heart can’t take it.

So I hope you will forgive the absence of my voice on this subject. I don’t care to get drawn in to conversations about which candidate would make a better choice in the primary race. In conversations like those, there is no winner. There is only hurt feelings. And everyone going in knows that no one involved is going to change their minds.

10 thoughts on “The Descent

  1. Thank you.

    This also made me very happy I gave up Facebook last year.

    I think conversations about the election in person are much more helpful. People realize they’re talking to another human being and will generally show a little more civility and attempt to understand. (This of course depends on what a person’s friends and family are like….)

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  2. I was just in conversation with someone about how looooooong US election cycles are, and that they’re exhausting because everyone seems to be in a heightened state for the entirety of the cycle. I don’t know how you all do it. I find the 6 week election cycles in Australia frustrating enough.

    Good for you for setting clear boundaries and sticking with them. ❤

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    • Right? They’re ETERNAL. It never ends, and people just get nastier and nastier. I feel like we have already been doing this one for a fucking year. And I still have 8 months to sit through. It’s agony.

      Thanks! I’m trying really hard. ❤

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  3. ignorant me (from another country) didn’t realise there’s still 8 more months. gosh, the process is long! i’ve to admit this is the first American election that i’m actually reading up about the candidates and i really dislike how people used any means to prove their points (supporters included).

    “In conversations like those, there is no winner. There is only hurt feelings.” – well said. well said. wishing you a happy 8 months ❤

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    • Thank you for that. It’s going to be a long long 8 months. I’m just going to try to keep my head down and hope that it’s all over soon. :/


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