The tyranny of the blank page: a movement in 8 acts.

Act 1: The beginning.

I should write a thing. I always feel better when I write. And I have this idea to write about this stuff I care about.

Stop staring at me like that, page! I know I haven’t written anything yet. My words are a terrible mishmash in my head and they won’t come out.

Act 2: Rising action.

Seriously! Stop staring at me, page. I have written and deleted the same sentence worded 12 different ways. This is hard and terrible.

Don’t you judge me. You jerk.

Act 3: Procrastination.

I’m gonna have a glass of water. Then I’ll be back to deal with you.

Act 4: Determination.

You see me cracking my knuckles? That’s because I’m going to knock this whole writing thing right out of the park.

Act 5: Denial.

How long has it been since I started writing? I must have been at this for hours.


Guhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I will never have a thought or idea AGAIN.

Act 6: Procrastination deux.

Well. Now that the laundry is done and my kitchen is clean and I’ve dusted all my shelves, I can really get this writing out of the way!

Act 7: Overwhelming the enemy.

I’m just going to keep writing whatever comes to mind until I get to my writing goal for today. You can’t stop me, page! You don’t even have any arms!

Act 8: End game.

Not blank anymore, are you, page? How do you like that? Ha!

I’m gonna go make a sandwich.

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4 thoughts on “The tyranny of the blank page: a movement in 8 acts.

  1. I just finished reading “Writing Down the Bones,” so I know that overwhelming the enemy is the only way to go. Who knows? There may be a nugget of gold hidden amid the muck. Plus, this was a pleasure to read.

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