Pitching and writing and impostor syndrome, oh my!

How pitching an article works.

Step 1: Have a thought.

Oh! That would make a really good blog entry or article or something. Let me make a note of that to myself for later.

Step 2: Evaluate that thought.

What’s this note? Huh. I thought that was a good idea? I guess it’s OK. I’ll come back to it.

Step 3: Research.

Didn’t someone else write a thing about this? Let me check. Quick! To the Googlemobile!

Step 4: Outline? Maybe? Mostly just sitting on it.

I should start off talking about the beginning. Or maybe I’ll just play a video game. Yea, let’s do that.

Step 5: Fight with impostor syndrome.

Ugh. What was I thinking? This idea is terrible. Everyone else has better thoughts and words and ideas and notions than I do. What made me think that I could get anyone to read this? What a boob I was back one or two days ago. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Step 6: Pitch work somewhere while impostor syndrome is distracted.

Fuck you, impostor syndrome. This idea is pretty great and I just emailed it out! Muahaha! Take that!

Step 7: Become overcome with impostor syndrome once again.

It’s like it somehow knows that I snuck an idea out past it. The uncertainty! The suffering! Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Step 8a: Pitch accepted.

Oh. I guess I was right. It was a pretty great idea.

Step 8b: Pitch rejected.

Resume process from step 5.

Next time: The tyranny of the blank page.