I’ve already started making things for our new house. I have two cross stitching projects underway. And I have a ton of things saved that we are going to buy all saved in emails and pictures.

In other words: I am nesting hardcore.

We never really settled into this place. As a result, most of the stuff that we have never really got put away properly. So we have boxes in the hallway with camping stuff and books. Our closets are packed with stuff that doesn’t really fit properly and that falls out all the time.

I am looking forward more than I can say to being in a place where we can put everything where it belongs.

More than that, I’m super excited to live in a neighborhood that’s actually a neighborhood. Where it’s quiet and people have their kids. Where drunken assholes don’t flock to the street. Where I don’t have three or four cars a day drive by with their music so loud it shakes my windows.

Two weeks from now we will be in our new place.

Fuck, I have so much packing left to do.

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