Nudity: An Ode

warm winds touch bare skin
softer when it is
divested of restraining fabrics

water kisses more gently
the flanks we bare
so willingly

eyes see more clearly
into eyes
stripped of defenses

laid nude like
heroic marble
standing tall
and unafraid

Photo credit: Self portrait of a reclining Amelie Rives Chanler. (MSS 8925. Photograph by Petrina Jackson)

16 thoughts on “Nudity: An Ode

    • It was meant to be a simile. In this case, likening being emotionally naked to the heroic nudity of a Grecian marble.

      Although, now that you bring it up. I think there is something heroic about being naked with another person. Something in the letting go of your insecurity and letting someone really see you.

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  1. Powerful ending and so scary and relatable, that giving wholly to another person. The line “divested of restricted fabrics” stuck out to me, I think because it follows “softer” and “divested” and “restricted” are just not soft words. Was that opposition on purpose?

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  2. Nudity without fear is easy once you’ve identified who or what you are afraid of….we have and live a idealic life when the weather allows 🙂


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