Through the looking glass…

As a child I’d press my hand to yours and curse the cold glass separating us, my silent sister. Your eyes echoed my eyes. Plaintive, searching. I wanted to be close to you. Today, when our hands met, the glass felt warm…

16 thoughts on “Through the looking glass…

  1. This is awesome, the idea of finding a friend in the mirror. I remember doing that myself when I was lonely growing up. Now I basically avoid mirrors…lol I loved the idea of the “silent sister” on the other side as well. Brilliantly done! ♥

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      • I wasn’t sure whether to delight in the innocent imagination of children or dread some ominous alternate universe on the other side of the mirror. I like how this is a complete tale yet holds so much potential for a longer story.

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  2. Nicely written Dirae. Touched a chord. I always did this as a child – often seeking answers to difficult questions. I did try this as an adult, but the damage was done – watched too many horror movies on the subject 😉


    • Horror movies definitely ruin the innocence of this whole thing. I always worry that the hand touching mine will be warm and fleshy instead of a glass reflection…

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